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3rd Row Headrest Storing

Author: LazyFox
Date: Sun Sep 14, 2003 3:30 pm

3rd Row Headrest Storing

Well, here goes my another low budget low effort idea. You know that it's sort of hassle with those 3rd row headrests when you use the fold in 3rd row feature more often. So I got struck by an idea today as I was cleaning my M while our 3yr old was playing in the back of the MPV with the lift gate open.

It's simple and easy. I just stretched a bungee cord across bottom of the third row seat and stuck those headrests under it.


The bungee cord is attached to the plastic bolts holding the carpet on the bottom of the seat. I just lifted those bolts slightly and snug the hook of the bungee cord around it. I'm sure there might be some enhanced attachment of the cord or even create some more sophisticated holder for bottom of the seat, but this requires only the bungee cord and you are set. Wink There might be a problem that they are going to get loose when you break sharply, I didn't have a chance to test it yet after driving the van. 


My bungee cord is not overly tight, so I keep the headrests as far apart and close to the plastic bolts, where they are kept tighter attached. Now you are able to have those headrests out of the way if you are not using them. You will be able to fold in the third row right away without juggling those headrests. When you fold in the seats you just place those headrests on the sides between the side wall and the seat. The bungee cord should not be a problem for cargo being loaded. Also when the third row seat is in up right position and someone is riding in the back, those headrests are near. Just tell the passenger to reach for them under the seat to install them for their comfort and safety.


Update: Well it didn't worked as well while driving and those headrests become loose. So I placed them on the floor under the third row bench. The bungee cord is fitted between floor anchors as you can see on following pictures.


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