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NOTICE No: MT000003813
MODEL: Mazda MPV YEAR: 2002-2003

Symptoms and Conditions:

The MIL indicator may be illuminated and the O/D OFF dash indicator may be flashing. The DTC retrieved is P0706. The customer's only complaint may be the illumination of the above lights without any ATX shifting or movement concerns.

Repair Procedure:

  1. Re-flash the Transmission Control Module (TCM) per Service Bulletin 05-011/02 issued 10/4/02, make sure the connections to the Transmission Range (TR) Sensor are tight, and then perform Step #2
  2. Transmission Range Sensor (TR) adjustment procedure:
    1. Confirm that there is a range signal (square black box outline around the selected gear range) when the gear shift selector is placed in each of the 'P R N D 3 2' ranges.
    2. Write down the customer's radio pre-set stations on the R.O.
    3. Remove the battery and battery tray to gain access to the TR Sensor. Then use jumper wires to hook up battery power to the vehicle so you can see the TR sensor range signal
    4. With the IG switch in the ON position, move the gear shift lever between the 'D' and '3' position. It requires real careful movement, but you can get the gear shift lever between these ranges. When you are perfectly between the two gear ranges, the range signal will turn off (no square black box outline).
    5. While the gear shift lever is between the 'D' and '3' positions and the range signal is off, loosen the two TR Sensor bolts and slowly move the TR Sensor counterclockwise UNTIL YOU SEE THE RANGE SIGNAL TURN ON AROUND THE 'D' POSITION. Then tighten the TR Sensor bolts in that position (torque specs on WSM page 05-17-25).
    6. Move the gear shift lever to each range and confirm that the range signal is on for each designated gear range position.
    7. Reinstall the battery tray and battery. Confirm the vehicle will start in 'P' and 'N' ranges.
The information and instructions in this notice are intended for use by skilled technicians. Mazda technicians utilize the proper tools/equipment and take training to correctly and safely maintain Mazda vehicles. These instructions should not be performed by "do-it-yourselfers." Consumers should not assume this notice applies to their vehicle or that their vehicle will develop the described concern. To determine if the information applies, consumers should contact their nearest authorized Mazda dealership.
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