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NOTICE No: MT000003716
MODEL: Mazda MPV YEAR: 2002
SUBJECT: Rear power sliding door alarm beeps continuously

Symptoms and Conditions

Rear Power Sliding Doors (PSD) are standard on ES models only and not available as an option on the LX.

In some situations, the PSD control unit can become 'confused' when it receives too many inputs (pushing two switches the same time, etc.) When the PSD system becomes 'confused,' the PSD system buzzer (alarm) will sound continuously and go into the fail-safe mode. In the fail-safe mode, the rear doors will not operate automatically or by pressing any combination of PSD switches (including the keyless remote).

The doors can still be closed/opened if the alarm is on and the power doesn't work by pushing or pulling the doors manually.

Repair Procedure

  1. TURNING THE FAIL-SAFE ALARM (BEEPING SOUND) OFF: Press the MAIN SWITCH off located on the lower left side of the dash next to the two rear door swithes (above your left knee while sitting in the driver's seat). 
  2. CHECK FOR DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTC): Use the 2002 MPV Workshop Manual procedure found on page 09-02A-4 for pulling DTCs. Please check both the left and right side doors and be sure to list the DTCs (if any) on the Repair Order and provide this information to the Technical Assistance Hotline operator when calling for assistance. NOTE: The main switch will be in the OFF position when the button is pressed in (almost flush and the red outline is not showing). If the alarm still doesn't turn off after pressing the MAIN SWITCH to the OFF position, then remove the ROOM Fuse (under left side of dash) and step on the brake pedal while the fuse is removed. Re-install the fuse.
  3. RESETTING THE PSD SYSTEM IF THE DOORS DON'T OPEN AUTOMATICALLY: If the PSD system is in the fail-safe mode and the buzzer has been turned off, but the system will not operate when turning the MAIN SWITCH back to the ON position, and you have pulled the ROOM fuse, then you must do a complete system reset. Disconnect the NEGATIVE battery cable and re-install. Now press the main switch to the ON position (button is outward and red outline is showing). The entire system should work normally now. MAKE SURE THE REAR DOORS ARE NOT LOCKED! THE SYSTEM WILL NOT OPERATE IF THE REAR DOORS ARE LOCKED.
The information and instructions in this notice are intended for use by skilled technicians. Mazda technicians utilize the proper tools/equipment and take training to correctly and safely maintain Mazda vehicles. These instructions should not be performed by "do-it-yourselfers." Consumers should not assume this notice applies to their vehicle or that their vehicle will develop the described concern. To determine if the information applies, consumers should contact their nearest authorized Mazda dealership.
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