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Mazda MPV Repair Information Notices

Notice # Subject Model
MT000000072 Blower motor squeaking noise 1989-1990
MT000000080 Auto load leveling keeps rear of vehicle too high 1989-1994
MT000000144 Poor driveability (injector spray pattern) 2000-2002
MT000000146 Adjusting or installing cam belt procedure 1989-1991
MT000000148 Hard start hot or cold - fuel pressure regulator 2000-2002
MT000000156 Hard start/flooding/lean (coolant thermo sensor) 2000-2002
MT000000205 EC-AT power light is intermittent 1989-1991
MT000000206 Blows 30 amp fuse after installing fog lamp kit 1989-1991
MT000000207 Temperature gauge inoperative 1989-1995
MT000000209 Low beam fuse blows after turning on fog lamps 1989-1995
MT000000213 Speedometer registers 10% too fast at 50 mph 1989-1995
MT000000248 Squeal noise from engine on cold start 1989-1992
MT000000249 Warning light on after driving a short distance 1989-1995
MT000000252 Oil light stays ON - no oil pressure 1989-1995
MT000000280 Rear differential whine (ABS vehicles only) 1989-1995
MT000000306 Vehicle surges at steady speeds/erratic lock-up 1989-1995
MT000000310 Engine overheating - obstruction in cylinder head 1989-1995
MT000000335 A/T shifts between 3-4 with hold light flashing 1989-1991
MT000000337 Vehicle drifts/pulls to the right 1989-1991
MT000000441 Cold camshaft seizure 1989-1994
MT000000487 Key code location on passenger door lock cylinder 1989-1995
MT000000499 Locate hard to find water or air leaks 2000-2002
MT000000535 Engine starts intermittently 1989-1991
MT000000544 A/C odor (R12 system) 1989-1993
MT000000557 No movement in "D" range when hot 1989-1992
MT000000561 Roof rack availability 1992
MT000000562 Sunroof - excessive operating noise 1992-1995
MT000000603 Headlights come on by themselves 1989-1992
MT000000614 Sunroof fit specifications 1992-1994
MT000000619 Full-flat pedal - middle seat device 1992-1994
MT000000623 Power steering leak at high pressure hose 1992
MT000000656 4WD adapter housing seal modification 1989-1991
MT000000667 2.6L pinging/detonation noise (60F & higher) 1989-1992
MT000000668 2.6L carbon knock/engine noise cold 1989-1992
MT000000692 No rev over 5000 rpm/poor acel. - aftermarket bra 1989-1992
MT000000700 Front end vibration/steering shimmy after 30 min. on hwy All
MT000000820 Wet Weather Braking Performance 2000-2002
MT000000830 Stumble, surge, rough idle/hot restart (O2 sensor) 1991-1993
MT000000845 EC-AT 2-3 upshift chirp 1989-1991
MT000000865 Auto load leveling system malfunction 1989-1993
MT000000876 Door trim detaching from panel 1989-1992
MT000000891 Keyless entry system - changing ID codes 1993-1994
MT000000900 Roof rack rattles 1992-1995
MT000000922 Under seat storage tray kit does not fit 1990-1994
MT000000925 Vibration/clunk noise - trans. mount bolt loose 1989-1994
MT000000954 Licence plate rattle against licence plate frame All
MT000000976 Steering heavy/binding 1989-1993
MT000000981 Tire And Driveline Noise/Vibration Diagnosis 2000-2001
MT000001005 Power window malfunctions 1989-1993
MT000001018 No start, "VREF" output grounded 2000-2002
MT000001044 Repeat failure of rebuilt EC-AT 1989-1994
MT000001074 Door mirror vibration - mount breakage 1989-1994
MT000001103 Lift gate stay damper operation 1989-1994
MT000001193 Suggested repair for seat seam separation All
MT000001222 Speedo noise when cold 1989-1994
MT000001261 Fuel low level warning light All
MT000001274 Outer door handle loose/rattles 1989-1994
MT000001568 False DTC code 02 and/or 03 1992-1995
MT000001586 A/C does not blow cold air (dual A/C model) 1989-1994
MT000001622 Rail dust remover All
MT000001676 Headlight malfunction - combo switch 1993-1994
MT000001884 Oil pressure warning light comes ON 1989-1994
MT000001975 High Speed Shake (Over 60 MPH) 2000-2001
MT000002111 Steering feels heavy at low speeds 1996-1997
MT000002230 Poor A/C performance in high temps (dual A/C) 1994-1995
MT000002233 Rough idle/vibration through steering wheel & seat 1996-1998
MT000002319 Intermittent fog light oper. (port installed only) 1996-1997
MT000002417 Driver's door mirror distortion 1996-1997
MT000002418 Harsh ride under normal driving conditions (2WD) 1996-1997
MT000002426 Cruise control malfunction 1996
MT000002499 MPV rocker arm identification 1994-1997
MT000002569 Poor A/C performance in high temps (dual A/C) 1996
MT000002609 Tire vibration (Dunlop P215/65 R15) 1996-1997
MT000002626 Knocking noise climbing up slope/hill 1997
MT000002653 Cylinder head cracking 1989-1997
MT000002757 Power window inoperative 1996-1997
MT000002760 Corrosion in liftgate hinge 1989-1997
MT000002784 Catch tank gas leak (DTC P0440-P0442-P0455) 1996-1998
MT000002841 Third seat release handle inop; bolts loose 1997-1998
MT000002842 ABS water intrusion/corrosion - DTC 13 1998
MT000002845 Cruise control increases 5-10 mph above set speed 1996-1998
MT000002865 Uneven/premature front tire wear 1997
MT000002923 Front axle knocking/clicking noise at low speed 1996-1998
MT000002950 Body adhesives not recommended for body repairs All
MT000003058 Timing belt parts set/whining noise 1989-1998
MT000003117 ABS code 53 will not reset 1998
MT000003136 Click, pop, thump noise from rear 1997-1998
MT000003186 CD/Radio Shuts off at 2/3 Volume or Greater 2000
MT000003211 Popping Noise From Front Door 2000
MT000003224 Engine RPM Drop After Cold Start 2000
MT000003237 Water Inside Vehicle - A/C Drain Blockage 2000
MT000003270 Knock Sensor Thread Size Change 2000
MT000003314 ATF Leak From Case 2000
MT000003334 2.5L Engine Ticking Noise/Chain Adjuster 2000
MT000003338 Noise From Cup Holder When Driving 2000
MT000003339 Sliding Door Will Not Open 2000
MT000003344 Excessive engine crank time 2000
MT000003358 Loose Or Missing Sliding Door Bolts 2000
MT000003360 Glove Box May Not Open 2000
MT000003365 Noise from rear brakes when stopping 2000-2001
MT000003368 Water Pump Replacement 2000
MT000003371 EVAP Testing Procedures 2000
MT000003378 Child restraint tether strap anchorage kit 1996-1998
MT000003387 Rear Wheel Toe Specification Change 2000
MT000003393 Body lean to the left 2000
MT000003394 Pull/drift to left or right after alignment 2000
MT000003421 Improper indication of DTC P1300 2000
MT000003433 Fuel Lid Stuck Closed 2000-2001
MT000003442 Antenna(s) Detach From RSES System 2000-2001
MT000003443 Re-manufactured steering rack issues 1989-1992
MT000003447 5W-20 and 5W-30 engine oil recommendations 2001-2002
MT000003471 Defroster & A/C Switch Wiring Diagram Correction 2000-2001
MT000003477 Rear Wiper Operation in Cold Weather 2000
MT000003498 3.0L Spark Plug Interchangeability 2000-2001
MT000003501 PID 02S22 N/A with WDS vrs B10A-B11 software 2000
MT000003507 Arm Rest Replacement - 2nd Row Seats 2000
MT000003512 MIL ON and DTC P0300-P0306 2000-2001
MT000003540 Water in rear well behind 3rd row seat 2000-2001
MT000003553 Moaning or humming noise from top of engine 2000-2001
MT000003554 Passenger side front seat belt tightens 2000-2001
MT000003583 AM radio static/poor reception with RSES 2000-2001
MT000003623 DTC P0481 (cooling fan relays #2, 3, 5 & 7 circuits) 2001
MT000003624 Purge valve solenoid wire; DTC P0443, P0455, P0300 2000
MT000003629 Rear seat entertainment system (RSES) has no audio 2000-2001
MT000003676 Audio unit inop or will not eject CDs 2001-2002
MT000003690 Use of propylene glycol based coolant 2000-2002
MT000003716 Rear power sliding door alarm beeps continuously 2002
MT000003717 Identification of rear heater equipped vehicles 2000-2002
MT000003729 Rear power sliding doors are inop 2002
MT000003730 Rear power sliding door diagnosis (check for DTCs) 2002
MT000003731 Power sliding doors are inop after checking DTCs 2002
MT000003744 MIL ON, false DTC's P0403/P0443/P0660/P1487 2002
MT000003747 Use of refrigerant system sealer 2000-2002
MT000003754 2-3 shift flare when cold 2002
MT000003755 2-3 shift flare after disconnecting the battery 2002
MT000003759 MIL ON, can't retrieve TCM DTC's w/WDS B17, B18, B19a 2002
MT000003764 TCM error/MIL ON/false DTC P0757 stored 2002
MT000003765 PCM error/False DTC P0340/eng. cranks over 3 secs. 2002
MT000003801 PCM error/MIL ON, false DTC P0340 2002
MT000003813 DTC P0706 2002-2003
MT000003856 3.0L Upper End Tick Noise 2002-2003
MT000003868 Engine overheats and A/C inop at times 2002
MT000003888 Coolant leak after replacing head gasket 2000-2001
MT000003892 B22 software concern issues 2000-2003
MT000003901 RSES system static when watching VCR monitor 2000-2001
MT000003920 AM Radio Static with Accessory Mirror Installed 2000-2003
MT000003925 2-3 Shift Flare/Slippage 2002-2003
MT000003940 Rear Sliding Door May Not Close Properly 2000-2001
MT000003962 Popping Noise from Front Inner Fender Area 2002-2003
MT000003964 626/Protege/MPV Reprogramming Warning with WDS 2000-2001
MT000004041 Recovering PCM-module blanked during recall 86003 2000
MT000004042 New LX-SV Option Package 2003
MT000004116 Radio Static Noise with DVD 2002-2003
MT000004130 DVD Cooling Fan Noise 2002-2003
MT000004134 Sulfur smell or odor from exhaust system 2002-2003
MT000004172 Seat Weight Sensor Calibration Procedure 2004
MT000004201 Accessory Trailer Hitch won't fit 2004
MT000004210 Procedure To Confirm Satellite Radio Head Software 2004
MT000004234 Accessory Mirror Kit For Wedge/Channel Type Mount 2004
MT000004327 JATCO Valve Body Manual Valve Tip 2002-2004
MT000004349 Cabin Air Filter Replacement 2000-2004
MT000004382 Gear Range Indicator (1-4) Inoperative in "D" Range 2004
MT000004406 SIRIUS Radio Activation Procedure 2004
MT000004419 Radio Head Unit Operation after Installing SIRIUS Kit 2004
MT000004462 MIL ON: DTC P0442 2002-2004
MT000004537 Creak/squeak from instrument cluster 2005

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