RECALL No: 1103F DATE: 02/06/2003
MODEL: Mazda MPV YEAR: 2002-2003
AFFECTED VINs: JM3 LW28** 20 300020 - JM3 LW28** 30 364412 MFG.DATE: N/A
SUBJECT: Fog Lights (Dealer Invenory Only)

On certain mini vans and passenger vehicles, the socket holder in the fog lights is installed in the lamp casing using pressure. During operation of the fog light, the heat from the bulb can expand the socket holder. The expansion can force the socket holder rearward. After repeatedly being subject to this expansion, if the fog light is also subjected to vibration during vehicle operation, the socket holder with the bulb holder and the wiring harness may separate from the fog light casing.

Should this occur, the bulb socket and the harness can drop inside the bumper and in the worst case, the heat generated can cause the bumper to burn.

Dealers will install a spring to prevent the socket holder from coming off the lamp case. Owner notification is expected to begin during June 2003. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Mazda at 1-800-222-5500.

For Dealer Inventory Only



  • This repair only applies to vehicles in dealer inventory.
  • This Recall only applies to the fog lights mounted on the lower bumper fascia.
  1. Verify that the vehicle is within the following range:

    2002 Model Year - JM3 LW28**20 300020 - 334295
    2003 Model Year - JM3 LW28**30 334296 - 364412

    2001 Model Year - JM1 NB353*10 200018 - 219554
    2002 Model Year - JM1 NB353*20 219555 - 234924
    2003 Model Year - JM1 NB353*30 300005 - 310671

    2003 Model Year - 1YV *P80**35 M00001 - ******

    NOTE: Some Mazda6 vehicles are equipped with the fog lights integrated into the headlight assembly.
    These fog lights are not affected by this Recall

    • If the vehicle is within the above range, proceed to step 2.
    • If the vehicle is not within the above range, return the vehicle to the customer or inventory.
  2. Perform a Warranty Vehicle Inquiry using your eMDCS System and inspect vehicle for an Authorized Modification Label RECALL 1103F attached to the underside of the vehicle’s hood (MPV) or bulkhead (Miata and Mazda6). Refer to illustration below.
    NOTE: Be sure to verify RECALL number as the vehicle may have multiple RECALL labels.


    Miata, Mazda6

    • If eMDCS displays RECALL 1103F OPEN and an Authorized Modification Label is not present, the RECALL has not been performed. Proceed to “B. CORRECTION PROCEDURE, FRONT FOG LIGHTS INSPECTION / REPAIR PROCEDURE”.
    • If eMDCS displays RECALL 1103F OPEN and an Authorized Modification Label is present, contact the Warranty Department at (800) 662-6779. They will update the vehicle warranty.
    • If eMDCS displays RECALL 1103F CLOSED and an Authorized Modification Label is not present, proceed to “C. AUTHORIZED MODIFICATION LABEL INSTALLATION”.
    • If eMDCS displays RECALL 1103F CLOSED and an Authorized Modification Label is present, the RECALL has already been completed. Return the vehicle to inventory.
    • If eMDCS does not display RECALL 1103F OPEN or RECALL 1103F CLOSED, this RECALL does not apply to the vehicle. Return vehicle to inventory.



NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the fog light assembly from the bumper fascia.

  1. Place the vehicle on a lift and fully turn the steering wheel to one side to gain access to one of the fog lights.
  2. Remove fasteners and screws on the inner fender splash shield.




  3. After gaining access to the fog light assembly, confirm that the fog light bulb was installed correctly and the bulb socket connector is pointing downward as shown. If installation is incorrect, reassemble the bulb socket as shown and make sure bulb socket is tight inside fog light assembly.

  4. Obtain the countermeasure spring, notice the short and tall side of the countermeasure spring.

  5. Hold the tall side of the spring and attach the short side of the spring to the short fog light tab, then attach tall side of the spring to the tall tab. Make sure the spring is snapped onto the lamp body tabs as shown.

  6. Be sure the spring is securely attached to the back of the fog lamp assembly as shown.

  7. Reinstall the splash shield or mud guard.
  8. Confirm that the fog light is operative.
  9. Now perform the above repair procedure on the other fog light assembly. When finished with both fog lamps, be sure the lamps operate before returning the vehicle to the inventory.


Complete an “Authorized Modification Label” with the RECALL number written on the sticker and affix it to the underside of the vehicle’s hood or bulkhead. Refer back to the illustrations under “A. VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE”.


Warranty Type R
Customer Comment Code 99
Damage Code 99
Process Number A3377H
Part Number Main Cause LDY2-51-68Z
Quantity 0
Operation Number / Labor Hours: XX525XR1 / 0.3


Note: Additional Fog Light Springs can be ordered through MStore (For dealer inventory only).

Part Number Description Qty.
LDY2-51-68Z Fog Light Spring 1 (2 Pieces)

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