RECALL No: 86003 DATE: 28/03/2000
MODEL: Mazda MPV YEAR: 2000
AFFECTED VINs: N/A MFG.DATE: March 31, 1999 - November 28, 1999
SUBJECT: PCM Reprogramming
Affected MPV minivans may have inappropriate programming of the PCM that could cause them to not comply with Federal onboard diagnostic requirements. Mazda is asking owners of the affected vehicles to bring them to an authorized Mazda dealer for reprogramming of the PCM. The repairs should take less than one hour.

In addition, Mazda announced that it will ask owners of all 2000-model MPV minivans to bring the vehicles to an authorized Mazda dealer for the installation of front bumper reinforcement plates. The reinforcement plates will enhance front bumper performance and will be added at no charge to the consumer. The repairs should take less than one hour.

As a result of tests performed on the 2000-model MPV by an independent testing facility, Mazda found that the front bumper, despite meeting Federal passenger car bumper standards, did not perform up to expectations in a low-speed impact. Mazda has redesigned the front bumper system, and MPVs with the redesigned and upgraded bumper system should begin arriving in Mazda showrooms by the end of April.

Owners with questions should contact Mazda customer service at 1-800-222-5500.

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