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Mazda MPV Engine Technical Data

This page shows technical engine data for 2000/2001 Mazda MPV

Pushing distance of the camshaft oil seal 2.5 - 3.0 mm (0.099-0.11 in) [from the edge of the camshaft oil seal housing]
Pushing distance of the front oil seal 0 - 1.0 mm (0-0.039 in) [from the edge of the engine front cover]
Pushing distance of the rear oil seal 0 - 2.0 mm (0-0.078 in) [from the edge of the cylinder block]
Idle speed 700-800 rpm
Ignition timing 4-16/700-800 rpm
Idle-up speed*1 No load: 700-800 rpm
E/L ON*2: 700-800 rpm
A/C ON*3: 800-900 rpm
P/S ON*4: 700-800 rpm
Lubrication system
Oil pressure 138-310 kPa (1.40-3.17 kgf/cm2, 20-45 psi) at 1500 rpm
Oil capacity Total (dry engine): 5.7L (6.0 US qt, 5.0 Imp qt)
Oil replacement: 4.7L (5.0 US qt, 4.2 Imp qt)
Oil and oil filter replacement: 5.2 L (5.5 US qt, 4.6 Imp qt)
Engine oil ILSAC (GF-II)
Viscosity -30C- +40C (-22 F- +104F): SAE 5W-30 [2000], SAE 5W-20 [2001]
Coolant capacity Without rear heater: 10.2 L (10.8 US qt, 9.0 Imp qt)
With rear heater: 12.0 L (12.7 US qt, 10.6 Imp qt)
Radiator cap valve opening pressure 94-122 kPa (0.95-1.25 kgf/cm2, 13.5-17.7 psi)
Thermostat Initial-opening pressure: 84-88 C (184-180F)
Full-opening pressure: 99C (210F)
Full-open lift: Above 7.3 mm (0.29 in)
Cooling fan motor current High: 11.8-14.8 A
Low: 6.8-9.8 A
Fuel system
Fuel line hold pressure More than 175 kPa (1.79 kgf/cm2, 25.4 psi)
Fuel pump maximum pressure 590-780 kPa (6.0-8.0 kgf/cm2, 86-110 psi)
Fuel injector Leakage: less than 1 drop/2 minutes
Volume: 44-58 ml/15 sec (1.5-1.9 fl oz/15 sec)
Resistance: 14.5W at 20C (68F)
Charging system - Battery
Available types 55D23L and 75D26L
Electrolyte gravity 1.27-1.29 at 20C (68F)
Back-up current*5 Max. 20 mA
Test load chart 55D23L: 180A
75D26L: 195A
Slow charge (5-hour rate) 55D23L (48): 4.5-5.5 A
75D26L (52): 5.0-6.0 A
Quick charge (5-hour rate) 55D23L (48): 30 A
75D26L (52): 35 A
Charging system - Generator
Rotor resistance (Between slip rings) 2.1-2.5W
Brush length Standard: 18.5 mm (0.73 in)
Minimum: 5.0 mm (0.20 in)
Brush spring force Standard: 4.71-6.08 N (0.48-0.62 kgf, 1.06-1.36 lbf)
Minimum: 2.2 N (0.22 kgf, 0.48 lbf)
Standard voltage: Ignition switch ON Terminal B: B +
Terminal P: Approx 1V
Terminal D: Approx 0V
Standard voltage: Idle [20C (68F)] Terminal B: 13-15V
Terminal P: Approx 3-8V
Terminal D: *
Generated current at Terminal B (reference) Engine speed 1000 rpm: 0-75A*6
Engine speed 2000 rpm: 0-98A*6
Ignition system
Ignition coil resistance at 20C (68F) Primary coil: 0.45-0.55 W
Secondary coil: 11.5-15.5 kW
Insulation of case: 10 MW
High-tension lead resistance Lead No.1: 4.1-9.7 kW
Lead No.2: 3.8-9.0 kW
Lead No.3: 4.4-10.4 kW
Lead No.4: 8.6-20.0 kW
Lead No.5: 10.2-23.8 kW
Lead No.6: 10.7-25.1 kW
Spark plug Type: (Motorcraft) AWSF-32F
Plug gap: 1.3-1.4 mm (0.052-0.055 in)
Resistance: (Motorcraft) 3.0-7.5 W
Tightening torque: 9-20 Nm (91-204 kgfcm, 79-177 lbfin)
Starting system - Starter
Commutator diameter Standard: 29.2 mm (1.15 in)
Minimum: 28.6 mm (1.13 in)
Brush length Standard: 12.3 mm (0.48 in)
Minimum: 7.0 mm (0.28 in)
Brush spring force Standard: 21.6 N (2.20 kgf, 4.84 lbf)
Minimum: 5.9 N (0.6 kgf, 1.3 lbf)
Pinion gap 0 mm (0 in)
No load voltage 11 V
No load current Below 90 A

* Turn the following electrical loads on and verify that the voltage reading increases
Blower motor
Rear window defroster
*1 Excludes temporary idle speed drop just after the loads (E/L, A/C, P/S) are turned on
*2 Headlights, fan switch (2nd or higher) and cooling fan are turned on
*3 A/C switch and fan switch are turned on
*4 Steering wheel fully turned
*5 Back-up current is the constant flow of current present (for the audio unit, clock, PCM, etc.) when the ignition is off and with the ignition key removed
*6 Must not be 0 A.