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US BULLETIN No: 09-012/99 DATE: 1999
SUBJECT: Paint damage - iron particles/industrial fallout/acid rain
BULLETIN NOTES: Applicable to 95-99 Millenia, 626, Protege, Miata, B-Series; 95-98 MPV, 95-97 MX-6, 95 929, RX-7, MX-3

Paint may be damaged by hot iron particles (dust) that are generated by manufacturing facilities, rail shipment, etc. and mechanically bond to a vehicle's painted surfaces. These particles combined with moisture and temperature create an acid which causes the iron to corrode and damage (enter) the paint surface.

Paint may also be damaged by industrial fallout and acid rain. These conditions generate corrosive compounds that fall on the vehicle's painted surfaces. When combined with moisture and temperature, chemical compounds are created that damage (etch) the paint surface.

To remove these contaminates, a Decontamination Kit is available which will repair these concerns. This kit includes the following items which will repair up to ten (10) vehicles:

Contents Qty.
Product A - Acid Neutralizer
(An alkaline based cleaner that neutralizes any acid deposits, strips wax, removes storage or lot staining)
1 gal.
Product B - Alkaline Neutralizer
(An acid based product that will remove alkaline deposits and dissolve ferrous metal fallout [rail dust])
1 gal.
Product C - Detail Wash
(A neutral P.H. shampoo that is safe for everyday use)
1 gal.
Wash Mitts 2
12 oz. Marked Dispenser Bottles 2
Applicator Pads 4
Product Usage Wall Chart 1

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the above kit and the following procedure.


  • This repair information supersedes the applicable information located in the PAINT DAMAGE REPAIR GUIDE (9999-95-044N-94).
  • No polishing, compounding, color sanding, or repainting should be done before this procedure is performed. This procedure uses products that are acidic, alkaline, and neutral and must be properly mixed and used in their specific order.
  • Any changes to this procedure will cause an incomplete or unsatisfactory repair. The use of other products or procedures may cause damage to aluminum or painted surfaces.
  • The products used to remove surface contamination from paint are designed for vehicles which have experienced exposure for less than 120 days. Vehicles that exceed 120 days of exposure may require the procedure be repeated to resolve the concern. Once the procedure is completed, it may be necessary to perform polishing or refinishing procedures after vehicle inspection.


  1. Verify customer concern by using a 30X lighted magnifier and the following descriptions to identifying the type of paint contamination.
    • Iron Particles
      • Light colored vehicles: Small orange stains the size of mechanical pencil lead. The surface is rough to the touch.
      • Dark colored vehicles: Small white or silver appearing dots with a rainbow ring around the dot. The surface is rough to the touch.
    • Industrial Fallout
      • Water spots with ferrous metal are present and the surface is rough to the touch.
    • Acid Rain/Etching
      • Surface will exhibit irregular discolored spotting.
      • Dark colored vehicle may exhibit cloudy or graying spots where the acid has begun to etch the paint.
      • Extreme cases of etching will be visible and may be felt.
  2. Decontaminate and neutralize the paint surface by using the Decontamination Kit with the following steps.
    NOTE: Perform the procedure only on vehicle when the paint surface temperature is cool. Follow the step-by-step procedure listed below, to perform this service operation.
    1. Rinse off dust, dirt, and debris with cold water. Flush liberally.
    2. Prepare Acid Neutralizer by mixing 8 parts of water to 1 part Acid Neutralizer (Product A) in a bucket.
    3. Use a clean wash mitt and apply mixture of Acid Neutralizer (Product A) to the entire vehicle starting at the top of the vehicle working toward the side. Keep the vehicle wet with solution, lightly agitating for 5 to 7 minutes. For vehicle with severe conditions, work the product for up to 8 minutes. Do not allow product to dry on vehicle.
      NOTE: Use a separate mitt for each product. Do not intermix mitts.
    4. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with cold water to remove Acid Neutralizer (Product A).
    5. Dry only the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle at this time. Do not dry glass.
    6. Apply alkaline Neutralizer (Product B). Do not mix with water. Pour the contents into a dispenser squirt bottle. Squirt Alkaline Neutralizer (Product B) directly onto a clean wash applicator or clean sponge. Do not spray Alkaline Neutralizer (Product B) on the painted surface. Using the applicator or sponge, apply the product to the vehicle, keeping the areas wet and lightly agitated for 5 to 7 minutes. For vehicle with severe conditions, work the product for up to 8 minutes. Do not allow product to dry on vehicle.
    7. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with cold water to remove alkaline neutralizer (Product B).
    8. Prepare Detail Wash (Product C) by mixing 29.5 mL (1 ounce) of Detail Wash to 3.7 L (1 gallon) of water.
    9. Shampoo the vehicle with Detail Wash (Product C) using a clean wash mitt. Rinse the vehicle with cold water and dry the vehicle completely.
      NOTE: Detail Wash (Product C) is a heavy duty neutral shampoo concentrate (pH 7) and may be used for hand car washing or in automatic car wash systems.
  3. Visually inspect paint surface for evidence of removal of iron particles and water spots.
    • If iron particles and waters spots are still evident, go back to STEP 2-B and repeat the procedure.
    • If iron particles and water spots are not evident, proceed to STEP 4.
  4. Polish the paint surface if necessary.
    CAUTION: When attempting to affect a repair by buffing, polishing, or color sanding, do not remove an excess of 0.3 mil of paint film or refinishing will be required. Use of an electronic mil gauge is highly recommended to insure control of paint film removal.
    • Do not intermix buffing products. Use only one (1) manufacturer's products.
    • Always follow the manufacturer's product usage sequence. Use the appropriate recommended pad at recommended buffing speeds as specified by the product manufacturer.
    • Use a dual action sander with a Velcro backing plate and a foam pad to fine polish. Remove any swirls created by a rotary buffer or pad.
  5. Use an alcohol and water mixture (1 to 1 ratio) to clean the buffed areas and to verify removal of scratches and swirls before application of final polish.
  6. Verify repair.


Part Number Description Qty. Notes
M-32  Decontamination Kit (Complete Kit)  Will repair up to 10 vehicles  
VGA100-G  Acid Neutralizer (Product A)  Will repair up to 10 vehicles  
VGB102-G  Alkaline Neutralizer (Product B)  Will repair up to 10 vehicles  
VGC104-GS  Detail Wash (Product C)  Will repair up to 100 vehicles. Also can be used for car-wash. 
VGWM  Wash Mitts   
VG16-B  Marked Dispenser Bottle   
VG35W  Applicator Pads   
VGM-WL  Product Usage Wall Chart   


To order Decontamination Kit and replacement materials as listed above, call Automotive International (800) 543-7156 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EST).
Dealer should initially order the Decontamination Kit. After using the Decontamination Kit, additional materials may be ordered.
Part numbers listed below are not Mazda part numbers. Parts must be ordered from Automotive International.


Any paint damage caused by iron particles, industrial fallout, or acid rain may not be covered by warranty. If you have questions, contact your DCSM.

The information and instructions in this bulletin are intended for use by skilled technicians. Mazda technicians utilize the proper tools/equipment and take training to correctly and safely maintain Mazda vehicles. These instructions should not be performed by "do-it-yourselfers." Consumers should not assume this bulletin applies to their vehicle or that their vehicle will develop the described concern. To determine if the information applies, consumers should contact their nearest authorized Mazda dealership.
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